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The Sword drone was in color, it was an outside object coming in on its own without Wandas guidance. While much of the series is … If It Had Stayed In: It would have given Cap an even more personal vendetta against HYDRA, and also given us a really cool action scene. And probably been a much better, and more fitting, action set-piece than the shonky, underwater CG xeno sequence we got. If It Had Stayed In: It might have made us less intimidated by Magneto, which wouldn't exactly have worked in the film's favour later on. What Was Cut: The tiny role of Tattoo Artist created numerous headaches on the first Hangover sequel. What Was Cut: They look like sex bots, but these unused android designs were actually for 'sexy robot fashion models', as designed by Aaron Beck. The planning committee drops their facade of normalcy to chant "For the children," foreshadowing a huge turn of events. He was cast as the father in Peter Jackson's book adaptation. By Margaret David Published Jan 17, 2021. Written as a much darker, Leaving Las Vegas-style character study of a devastated, alcoholic superhero, the film was intended to be far bleaker than the somewhat goofy Will Smith vehicle we got. The latest theory revolves around a suspicious side character first seen in Episode 2 named Dottie. Yes, that's us getting our first glimpse of the Cosmic Cube tech. What Was Cut: A trick wall behind the waterfall that gives access to the Bat cave. A popular theory is that WandaVision is a twist on Brian Michael Bendis' 2005 Marvel comic storyline "House of M." (Director Matt Shakman confirmed it … Even in Joel Schumacher's increasingly outlandish version of Gotham. Jackson disagreed and replaced him with Mark Wahlberg. However, he was replaced with Rafe Spall when Lee decided to go for a more international cast. If It Had Stayed In: It would have added to the film's rich tapestry of legitimate video game loving with a bit more homegrown satire. Very afraid. If It Had Stayed In: It would have been great, but perhaps extending one of Stan's cameos to the status of bit-part might have been a distracting case of too-much-of-a-good-thing. If It Had Stayed In: It would have been a fun grace note in a film full of them. WandaVision Theory Knows Who Is Holding Wanda Captive and the Sinister Reason Why? Dottie is the one behind everything. Vince Hoover screengeek-social-icons email. In addition, Dottie being Arcanna would add yet another interesting wrinkle into the narrative tapestry of WandaVision. “He came in and crushed it, and that is the scene that you will ultimately see in the film. One turpentine shower later and Eddie's back to normal. What Was Cut: Appearing in the teaser trailer but never making it into Skyfall's final cut, a scene of Bond jogging through Regent's Park, presumably in a sequence that takes place before his MI6 Re-Evaluation test. What Was Cut: Bill (David Carradine) fights Michael Jai White in an epic skirmish that never should have been cut - mostly because it shows us just how deadly Bill can be. In the original script, Peter and Francine decide to kill themselves rather that venturing further into the unknown of a zombie-strewn US. If It Had Stayed In: It would have been a cool cameo, but we'd probably agree with Spielberg's sentiments. And you will notice that her flowers were yellow. What Was Cut: Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber's film originally went out with a far superior ending, making for one of the best deleted scenes ever. Includes the immortal line "Ask for her number, moron!". Court delays allow violent offenders to avoid prison. If It Had Stayed In: Hancock could have beaten the Dark Knight trilogy, the MCU, Daredevil and Logan to the 'serious superhero' punch, kickstarting the genre's maturity a couple of years early. “It became clear that the production of The Wolverine would keep me out of the country for almost a year," he said in a statement. Which didn't sit well with test audiences, who demanded it be changed. Their characters are at war, which was intended to mirror the rivalry between Mr and Mrs Smith, but was probably deemed surplus to requirement. A New 'WandaVision' Fan Theory Says Dottie Is Really a Classic Marvel Character. What Was Cut: The original, quieter, darker, and entirely better ending. What Was Cut: A whole load of logo concept art for Peter Jackson's remake, courtesy of artist Tom Schillinger. And besides, the rocket launcher ending included a wonderful allusion to The Lavender Hill Mob, with Simon smuggling the gold in the form of moulded souvenir statues of the Empire State Building. While he doesn’t have any superpowers himself, it’s his ties that bind him to an even greater theory. And to be fair, it's important that we have that. If It Had Stayed In: The web-shooters would have more successfully played up the all-important science-geek side of Peter's personality, something that's very much at the forefront of Spider-Man: Homecoming. This is a brilliantly kooky scene in which Annie (Kristen Wiig) meets the young son of a guy she's going on a date with. Alas, Anger and Page had a massive falling out, and Page's compositions were turned down and hidden away until 1981. Maybe she's Mephisto, a demon who had a connection to Wanda's twins. This WandaVision Theory About Dottie's 'True' Identity Will Blow Your Mind. If It Had Stayed In: It would have led to even gorier, more psychosexually disturbing deaths than we're used to seeing in an Alien film. Giger's 'alien kiss'. Marantz also designed a four-armed alien girl who ended up not being used in the movie. The scene was cut, allegedly, because Spielberg felt that Ford's appearance was too distracting for Indy and Star Wars fans. If It Had Stayed In: It would have added another bit of inventive gadgetry to proceedings, but perhaps been a bit too cartoonish for Nolan's distinctly real-world take on Batman. He also added the vicious little idea of this sexy new alien 'kissing' its victims, then ripping their insides out using its deadly tongue …. "I very much admire Tobey and look forward to working with him again in the future," Lee said. Poehler played a bank clerk, while Rudolph was the member of a gang who robs the bank. If It Had Stayed In: We would, arguably, have gotten a far better movie than the one we ended up with. We'd still love to see all of Schillinger's designs turned into an alternative-run poster series. If It Had Stayed In: The film might have had a fresher identity than it got by using the obvious, '30s deco-inspired logo that was eventually approved. It's a shame it was consigned to the cutting room floor. If It Had Stayed In: It's dark and weird, and we can see why Spielberg decided to cut it (Quint's not exactly sympathetic in the scene). A new 'WandaVision' fan theory says that Doctor Strange might be behind all of the show's sitcom-style hijinks. If It Had Stayed In: The Driver would arguably have been a far less interesting character - Jackman looks like an action hero, whereas Gosling brought a lithe, insidious menace to his version of Driver. Neither Dottie nor Agnes has acted very “normal” in the show so far either — although that's a pretty low bar in Westview. WandaVision has already carved out a name for itself as the best approximation of what … She set herself up with a nemesis in Dottie, and it's only when the radio distracts her that Dottie snaps out of … As such, cinema history is filled with nearly-weres and could-have-beens, elements, endings, scenes, and sometimes whole versions of movies that never saw the light of day. What Was Cut: In early drafts of George Lucas' script, a young Han Solo appears. Interesting enough, her magic is yellow. If It Had Stayed In: We might have got the epic battle that the trailer promised, instead of the comparative letdown we got instead. But really, it's all circumstantial. At a community committee, Wanda is attending with Dottie, Agnes, Geraldine, and other women in the neighbourhood, Dottie hints that … "I think everything happens for a reason," commented a pragmatic Lawrence. With two episodes to go, hopefully we will get the answers we seek, like Dottie’s real identity, who is Agent Woo’s mystery witness protection suspect, and more. ", Numerous elements from this reboot's trailer were mysteriously absent when the finished film hit screens - including a ton of stuff about Peter's parents, and the ominous question: "You think what happened to you was an accident, do you have an idea what you really are?". Anchorman is not a film in need of any more diversions. Simon loses, but it turns out that John had stacked the odds anyway, because of course he had. “We were in a complete time crunch so I called up Nick and asked if he would do the part,” director Todd Phillips explained to Variety. This theory sprung from the fact that Dottie’s husband on WandaVision is named Phil Jones, which fans pointed out is the same name as Moonglow’s husband in the comics. WandaVision theory: Marvel fans believe Dottie is one of these comic-book characters Molly Edwards 1/20/2021 Nation takes baby steps to normality after year in lockdown By Alisha Grauso Published Feb 18, 2021. On top of that, Moonglow’s power makes a ton of sense for the world of WandaVision. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. The Disney Plus series has blown the minds of every fan and has started so many theories and conspiracies as to exactly what is going on. And something Dottie herself says: “The devil’s in the details.”. I'm like, 'Tony Stark, I got your jet, I didn't mess it up.' What Was Cut: A scene scripted by Joss Whedon involved Ripley 8 (Sigourney Weaver) et al making their way through a jungle-like greenhouse, only to be attacked by xenomorphs through the foliage. The WandaVision premiere left Marvel fans buzzing like so many beekeepers mysteriously emerging from so many sewers. Although plot details are sparse, fans have been extremely excited for Legendary’s upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre... Marvel Reveals Identity Of “NoobMaster69” From ‘Avengers: Endgame’, ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ Release Date Delayed Until September, Benedict Cumberbatch Apologizes For Not Being In ‘WandaVision’, ‘Black Widow’ Still Officially Set For Theatrical Release, Petition For Johnny Depp To Reprise Jack Sparrow Role Gains 500k Signatures, New Images Released From Upcoming ‘Collector’ Sequel ‘The Collected’. We all have been wondering about next weeks Wandavision and one of the topics of discussion is "Dottie". While he's talking about his dead grandfather, who he says he saw at the foot of his bed after he'd died, the Ghostbusters speed off, leaving him at the curb with Louis, who'd promised Sherman a ride in ECTO-1A. The character Dottie was one of the very few that SWORD couldn’t find a ‘real world’ identity outside of the hex field surrounding Westview. One theory posted to Reddit (and picked up by Esquire) speculates that Dottie could be Mephisto, a demonic Marvel villain with the power to shapeshift and who might also be behind Vision’s miraculous return – if Wanda struck a deal with the devil. What Was Cut: In the original ending, everybody gets eaten by a triumphant Audrey II. In an affecting reprise from the first film, he tells Sarah Connor "On your feet, soldier", and also delivering the "No fate" message, just when she needs it the most. There was no shortage of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Avengers: Endgame. If It Had Stayed In: It could have rivalled Planet Of The Apes in the 'most epically doom-laden final shot' stakes, but would also have lost the low-key, ambiguous dread of the ending we got. It's intriguing that Agatha and Agnes are quite similar, and Kathryn Hahn’s character does wear a witch’s hat in the trailer… Plus, Dottie says "for the children," which is then repeated rather creepily by those at the meeting, which could be a vague reference to Mephisto's involvement with the twins. Here are 50 of the most significant revisions that would've transformed the movies we know and love. What Was Cut: Extreme Easy Living 2, a fake video game created for the Disney animation, but scrapped before it made it into the film. Rich, given what a humorlessness jerk the later sequels turned him into anyway. What Was Cut: A really exciting ground-level fight between the Howling Commandos and HYDRA, in which bombs explode, the earth shakes and people get vaporised by blue energy. What Was Cut: A six-minute, dialogue-free sequence in which Kal-El returns to Krypton. What Was Cut: A scene where Quint (Robert Shaw) goes into a music shop to buy some piano wire and ends up embarrassing a kid who's trying to play Ludwig Van’s 9th Symphony on the clarinet. Not that that stopped director JJ Abrams from including gratuitous underwear shots of female Starfleet officers, to no small amount of criticism. If It Had Stayed In: Everybody would have left the cinema on a real downer. Still, a Clea appearance could make sense as a bridge between Doctor Strange 2 and WandaVision – which Olson said is a “natural progression” into the Sorcerer Supreme’s sequel. WandaVision is an American television miniseries created by Jac Schaeffer for the streaming service Disney+, based on the Marvel Comics characters Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch and Vision.Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it shares continuity with the films of the franchise, and takes place after the events of the film Avengers: Endgame (2019). What Was Cut: Jennifer Lawrence, who auditioned to play Bella Swan in the fang-erific book adaptation. Americans With Credit Card Debt Could Be In for a Big Surprise, Price Alert: These SUVs Are Now Only $19,000 (Deal Of The Day), The card so lucrative, our expert signed up personally. This color connection seems to be more than just a coincidence, especially with a series so deep in Easter Eggs and connections. It's become clear to Marvel fans that WandaVision is largely adapting the House of M comics, which has helped give rise to the theory that Dottie could be the mutant Emma Frost. If It Had Stayed In: It wouldn't have changed the film's overall quality, but we might have had some cooler aliens to look at…. If It Had Stayed In: It would probably have done irreparable damage to the T-800 as a fearsome killing machine, and pushed Terminator 3's already lighter tone well and truly into goofball territory. In Episode 7, Dottie finally returns, albeit briefly. She is seen gardening and eavesdropping on what was going on. Once a film becomes beloved enough, iconic enough, its form and essence get locked-in in the minds of the audience. If It Had Stayed In: It would have given the film an even more unsettling, nervy vibe. In the scene, Bud (Ed Harris) watches as a massive tidal wave threatens to spill over numerous US cities, as alien judgement for Mankind's warring ways. If It Had Stayed In: The film would have got a much better, more distinct, and more iconic ending, and with McClane's life apparently it tatters, we might have been spared the next two films. If It Had Stayed In: It would probably have had people either rolling in the aisles or scratching their heads in confusion. What Was Cut: Darren Aronofsky was originally set to direct Hugh Jackman in this standalone Wolvie adventure, but after six months of pre-production, the director departed. What Was Cut: Ghostface Killah - whose first album, Ironman, was released in 1996 and calls himself Tony Stark - originally had a cameo appearance in the 'real' Tony's first big screen outing. What Was Cut: Hitchcock originally planned to end his movie with something far more iconic than what we got, a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge crowded with flocking birds. While this may seem like some flimsy evidence at first, WandaVision has proven its impeccable attention to detail, with the show's commitment to emulating vintage sitcoms and the writers having already hidden some key details in plain sight – including the Strücker watch and a possible Grim Reaper tease. "I was not comfortable being away from my family for that length of time.”. What Was Cut: Some pretty spectacular Parallax designs from artist Jerad S. Marantz, which are really spooky/creepy/unsettling/all of the above. ", "Dottie is the key to everything in this town. Schillinger made over 20 different logos for the film, any of which would have been awesome on the final poster. This has led ComicBook to suggest that Dottie is actually Arcanna Jones from Squadron Supreme! Or perhaps she's Clea, the Sorcerer Supreme from the Dark Dimension, as seen in Doctor Strange. What Was Cut: "Don't know about that accent." Wanda’s flowers are red and pink, like her powers. In the comics, Mephisto was instrumental to Scarlet Witch having her twins – who look like they’re on their way in the show, with episode 2’s ending revealing Wanda is pregnant. Close shave…. Your mileage may vary on how compelling the "evidence" is for either fan theory, but Caulfield tells SYFY WIRE she's thrilled to … Or more likely, to show off how ripped Cumberbatch got for the role. Realising that he has truly, irrevocably messed up with his temporal tinkering, Ashton Kutcher's time-traveller journeys all the way back into his mother's womb. The post about the theory claims to be a leak and doesn't go into much detail about why Dottie is Clea. Page's music is all Middle Eastern-esque chanting, with some gorgeous guitar thrumming. Lucas commissioned concept art for a young Solo, but then dumped him from the script. What Was Cut: Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph were both excised from the first Anchorman film. What Was Cut: Edited back into the director's cut, this brilliantly bizarre sequence was originally a lost stand-out of James Cameron's aquatic sci-fi. Do you think Dottie is actually Arcanna? If It Had Stayed In: It would have been a deliciously dark twist to what was essentially an '80s summer blockbuster. What Was Cut: The courtroom murder scene, in which Mickey (Woody Harrelson) murders Ashley Judd in court. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. A new 'WandaVision' theory proposes Agnes' husband Ralph could be Marvel villain Mephisto. Dottie, played by Buffy's Emma Caulfield, is likewise suspected to be any number of comic characters. ComicBook has offered up their own theory of who Dottie really is based on some context clues. It would give Wanda a somewhat self-aware foil in a … If It Had Stayed In: An over-long film would have been even over-longerer. If It Had Stayed In: Mainstream audiences might have balked at the wordless sight of a crystal spaceship floating through the cosmos and then slowly exploring a dead planet, and the scene definitely would have slowed down the film's pace. If It Had Stayed In: It would have been a really interesting, and potentially very cool, look at Aliens stalking and killing in fresh environment. Mephisto then removed the twins from existence and a character named Agatha Harkness erased the twins from a heartbroken Wanda’s memory. What Was Cut: The original, much bleaker ending. Peter shoves Francine's head into helicopter blades before shooting himself. WandaVision Theory Suggests Dottie Is a Superpowered Witch, Too. When Neeson was unavailable for reshoots, though, he was replaced wholesale with Nick Cassavetes. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier release dates: When does episode 1 hit Disney Plus? What Was Cut: In what has now been affectionately branded 'Dragneto', Michael Fassbender wore a wig and a dress in the stripclub scene of this prequel. Her flowers were yellow. WandaVision Fan Theory Says There's More To Dottie Than Meets The Eye. "Her roses bloom under penalty of death. What Was Cut: Numerous visual concepts from Jim Carson Design, including different versions of the Green Goblin and a slinky design for Black Cat. February 25, 2021. Weeks before filming, though, Gosling was fired. Not really. If It Had Stayed In: We'd have missed out on the sight of Ben Stiller in a greasy fat suit chowing down on hamburgers. Because, you know, obviously he did. When the film came out, there was only one target on him, which is surely tantamount to false advertising…. And, with only two episodes left, and the craziness that was Episode 7, these theories have gone into overdrive, pulling characters and stories out of comic book obscurity to tie into the kick off of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4.

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